Hatha Yoga is a part of lifestyle to promote good health and peace of mind. Disease free life and happiness. One who practise Hatha yoga as daily bases would experience great extent of mental peace, joy, positive thinking, prosperity and happiness.

At present the human are challenged by psychosomatic diseases like hypertension, insomnia, heart disease, diabetes, back pain, arthritis, stress, tension, depression, anxiety and many. Hatha yoga has been observed through the research that the regular practice of the Hatha yoga can completely controlled all types of psychosomatic diseases and maintain health and longevity and preventing mental and physical disease. Hatha yoga definitely support the healing of psychosomatics diseases. Hatha yoga has a great potential to tranquilize and equanimity of the mind.

Sivasoorya Hatha yoga special therapy asanas, developed by Raviji through many years of effort, study, investigation and research, is an extraordinary technique. This technique differs considerably from the various types of yoga asanas widely practiced all over the world. During the classes, we practice contemplative asanas and use special breathing techniques and healing mantras.

In our contemplative asana system, the healing is on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. The Bow or Dhanurasana, for example, helps not only in stretching and stimulating the pelvic and reproductive organs, but also cures sexual weakness, gynecological disorders, especially those illness pertaining to the uterus, cervix, vagina, ovaries, fallopian tubes, all of which can be totally cured. Similarly, the degeneration of the testes can be completely cured and almost all disorders related to the seminal vesicles and prostrate glands can also be cured through the contemplative Bow Pose same way benefit for many types psychosomatic diseases.