200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Norway

Date : 25 June to 7th July 2019

Become a yoga teacher with our 200 hours  Yoga teacher training Europe, in the Norway. The course is certified by Yoga Alliance International and works with high professional standards. This course will give you all the required skills and confidence as well as an internationally recognized certification to teach worldwide. The course is organised by Perlå Health and wellness center Norway.

Director and Teacher


  • Guru Raviji has been practicing yoga for the past 25 years and that too in the Himalayan tradition. His long years of meditation and dedication have earned him worldwide reputation, especially in his contributions to Kriya Yoga. He mastered this as a result of his spiritual practices and journeys with the great sages and seers. He serves as the General Secretary of the Yoga Teachers Association in South India. He is also the Director of the Sivasoorya Yoga School, which has been catering to the cause of dissemination of the various facets of Yoga for nearly 25 years. He is the founder and Director of the Sivasoorya Ashram.
  • Guru Raviji is the main teacher and director of Perla Helse Og Velvare Norway . He has over 25 years of teaching experience and is registered as experienced yoga teacher with more than 60,000 hours of teaching experience. He has taught/mentored over 4000 yoga teachers from all over the world. Raviji is born and raised in India. His education of yoga and Vedic philosophy started at his young age.
  • Guru Raviji has also mastered Yoga Meditation, Psychotherapy, Counseling and Palmistry. His in-depth knowledge in these fields has helped him in designing unique holistic approaches to the courses and training sessions in and outside the country over the years.
  • Raviji has travelled to almost all the major countries in the world, engaging himself in Yoga training and psychotherapy sessions to his  students and disciples. He has also established branches of his Centre in a few European countries as well.

Course Organiser and Teacher – Perlå Health and wellness center


Inger Tårland Olsen is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and mediating yoga teacher. Her awareness in all of her senses puts her in a field of her own. She has studied yoga since 2005 and has more than 500 hours yoga teacher training. She has over 10 years experience in the holistic health and yoga fields. She is educated in India by Guru Raviji at Sivasoorya Divine School of Yoga in 2008 and 2010. Tårland Olsen founded Sauda Soneterapi from 1988 and Perlå Health and wellness center since 2006.

She has practiced nature medicine, kinesiology, healing, massage and nutritional guidance for 30 years. She is well known as a thorough therapist and healer. She is officially approved for, and has worked with psychiatric patients and energize the elderly. She is one of the founder`s of Sauda Activity Center which is a place to activate and motivate elderlies, helping them to be able to take care of themselves.

She has studied Natural Horsemanship, mindfulness and body awareness at Take The Step Riding Academy for 7 years. She can explain how to sit and be with the horse in a way that relaxes both horse and rider. She is recognized as a competent yoga teacher, and travels extensively to teach workshops, retreats and conferences around Norway.

She has taught in Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga, Kundalini yoga, Ashtanga yoga and meditation for beginners and advanced since 2008. Additional to this is mindfulness, attention training and stress management since 2014.
Her yoga classes are aimed at all people, from elite athlete and others who wants to perform better to those with problems such as anxiety, muscle, joint, respiratory, digestive, migraine, exhaustion and concentration. Her classes give positive results to all who partake.

  • How can you achieve your goal

    • Our curriculum covered yogic philosophy, Anatomy and physiology of yogic practices, Hatha yoga asanas for beginners, intermediate and advance.
    • Highly qualified teachers taught you variety of yoga including yoga mind therapy which is very rare and unique.
    • Ayurvedic basic teaching, Physiology of Ayurveda vatha, pitha, and khabha, biological fire, different treatments, metabolic error, Ayurvedic cooking class and many.
    • A opportunity to meet Gurus and study a oldest well reputed yoga ashram in India.
    • We will guide how to set up a proper yoga studio in an authentic way.
  • Why people choose Sivasoorya Yoga?

    • One of the oldest yoga school in India (a rare and unique centre).
    • Registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance International.
    • Strong research and yoga development Ashram.
    • Wide rang of yoga techniques, Hatha yoga, Viniyasa yoga, Ashtangayoga, kriya yoga, Kallori yoga, Kundalini yoga and meditations.
    • Biggest reference list in India and abroad.
    • Sivasooya yoga centres around the world.
    • Wide range of healing techniques (Kriyas).

Course program details

All the Courses designed for the European students are for 28 days, divided into two groups of 14 days each. A gap of 3 months is provided in between the 14 day programmes, during which the participants practice all that they have been taught. Theoretical knowledge is also provided in the first and second sessions. The overall outcome of these courses has been overwhelming.


    • Private accommodation (single room) and food Euro1340
    • Course fees Euro2200
    • Total Euro3540
    • Shared accommodation (double room) and food Euro920
    • Course fees Euro2200
    • Total Euro3120
    • Shared accommodation in flat with 4-6 persons together Euro790
    • Course fees Euro2200
    • Total Euro2990
    • Food without accommodation Euro536
    • Course fees Euro2200
    • TotalEuro2736

    • 06.00 Mantra chanting
    • 06.30 Meditation
    • 07.00 Asanas
    • 08.30 Kriyas
    • 09.15 Psychic meditation
    • 09.30 Breakfast
    • 10.00 Karmayoga
    • 11.00 Theory class
    • 01.00 Lunch
    • 02.30 Selfstudy and group practice, homework
    • 04.00 Asanas, Kriyas, Meditation and Mantra Chanting.
    • 07.00 Dinner


    Variety of Theory: Asana benefits physically, Asana benefits psychologically, Asana benefits spiritually, Kriya yoga benefits physical, mental, spiritual, Patanjali yoga Sutras, Nine yoga Sutras, Hathayoga pradeepika , Bhagavathgeetha, Different paths of yoga – Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Jnana yoga and Bhakthi yoga, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Rajas, Thamas, Sattvic, Mantra teaching, The science of prana and its applications, Chakra and channels, Mudras and Bandhas, Basic Ayurveda,Yoga and Ayurveda, Vegetarian cooking.


Røldalsterrassen is located up in the mountain above Røldal. Røldal is a beautiful little place in the southern Norway. Its a spiritual and special place laying near by the lake. Røldal has beautiful surroundings with high mountains and a great view. Its well known in Norway as a Ski destination. Its only 2-5 hours driving from Haugesund, Stavanger, Bergen, Kristiansand and Oslo. The nearest airport is Haugesund Airport.

Norway is one of the cleanest country in the world. The air are clear and clean. The water in the rivers are very healthy and it tastes great well. Its so good to breath up in the mountain where we are going to stay.