About the Course

It is assured that the participants of the yoga training in Pilisszentlászló, Hungary, at Kékvölgyi Waldorf School will have a unique experience which is not provided at any other venue imparting yoga training outside India! We believe that finding the right environment and having anIndian Ashram type of setting will fulfill all the expectations of our participants. Unlike most other yoga training sessions outside India, we strictly cater to all the rules and regulations specified. This type of training will prepare our participants to become well equipped in yoga and also support the participants to carry forward in the true spirit of yoga on which the ancient Indian yoga gurus insisted upon.

The course is certified by Yoga Alliance International and works with high professional standards. This course will give you all the required skills and confidence as well as an internationally recognized certification to teach worldwide. The course is organised by JógaTér.


FEE : Euro 900

Date : 10th July to 24th July 2018

Location: Pilisszentlászló at a Waldorf School, Budapest,Hungary.

Director and Teacher


  • Guru Raviji has been practicing yoga for the past 25 years and that too in the Himalayan tradition. His long years of meditation and dedication have earned him worldwide reputation, especially in his contributions to Kriya Yoga. He mastered this as a result of his spiritual practices and journeys with the great sages and seers. He serves as the General Secretary of the Yoga Teachers Association in South India. He is also the Director of the Sivasoorya Yoga School, which has been catering to the cause of dissemination of the various facets of Yoga for nearly 25 years. He is the founder and Director of the Sivasoorya Ashram.
  • Guru Raviji is the main teacher and director of the course . He has over 25 years of teaching experience and is registered as experienced yoga teacher with more than 60,000 hours of teaching experience. He has taught/mentored over 4000 yoga teachers from all over the world. Raviji is born and raised in India. His education of yoga and Vedic philosophy started at his young age.
  • Guru Raviji has also mastered Yoga Meditation, Psychotherapy, Counseling and Palmistry. His in-depth knowledge in these fields has helped him in designing unique holistic approaches to the courses and training sessions in and outside the country over the years.
  • Raviji has travelled to almost all the major countries in the world, engaging himself in Yoga training and psychotherapy sessions to his  students and disciples. He has also established branches of his Centre in a few European countries as well.

Course Organiser and Teacher – Franciska Kis-Marton


Phone : 0036706001152
Email: k.m.franciska@gmail.com

Course program details

All the Courses designed for the European students are for 28 days, divided into two groups of 14 days each. A gap of 3 months is provided in between the 14 day programmes, during which the participants practice all that they have been taught. Theoretical knowledge is also provided in the first and second sessions. The overall outcome of these courses has been overwhelming.

  • How can you achieve your goal

    • Our curriculum covered yogic philosophy, Anatomy and physiology of yogic practices, Hatha yoga asanas for beginners, intermediate and advance.
    • Highly qualified teachers taught you variety of yoga including yoga mind therapy which is very rare and unique.
    • Ayurvedic basic teaching, Physiology of Ayurveda vatha, pitha, and khabha, biological fire, different treatments, metabolic error, Ayurvedic cooking class and many.
    • A opportunity to meet Gurus and study a oldest well reputed yoga ashram in India.
    • We will guide how to set up a proper yoga studio in an authentic way.
  • Why people choose Sivasoorya Yoga?

    • One of the oldest yoga school in India (a rare and unique centre).
    • Registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance International.
    • Strong research and yoga development Ashram.
    • Wide rang of yoga techniques, Hatha yoga, Viniyasa yoga, Ashtangayoga, kriya yoga, Kallori yoga, Kundalini yoga and meditations.
    • Biggest reference list in India and abroad.
    • Sivasooya yoga centres around the world.
    • Wide range of healing techniques (Kriyas).

Accommodation and food

Participants will experience all the necessary features prerequisite for the training here. Accommodation and vegetarian food can be arranged with the organizers of the training programme in the school premises itself with all necessary facilities at very reasonable rates. As accommodation in the school premises is not mandatory, the same can also be arranged outside the premises.

Location: Pilisszentlászló at a Waldorf School, Budapest,Hungary.

The venue for the Yoga training course has been very seriously and carefully selected to fulfill almost all the requirements that an ardent yoga student expects from a full time well-disciplined yoga course. The venue itself is in a beautiful Waldorf school in Pilisszentlászló, which is an easily approachable small village in Hungary, 40kms north of Budapest, set against the backdrop of the panoramic and excellent views on the Danube Bend. The location provides the perfect environment for the training having a truly calm and positive flow of energy.The scenic setting also adds to the ambience at the school, to provide apan-Indian yoga environment.